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About Our Morse Code Translator

The advancement in technology has blessed us with easy ways of communication that help us send our messages from one location to another in a matter of seconds. However, in the 1800s, communication wasn’t easy, which brought Samuel Morse to introduce Morse Code. The Morse Code was a revolutionary way of communicating one another, and even after the introduction of modern communication methods, it hasn’t faded away.

The lack of time and experts of Morse Code prevent users from learning and interpreting messages decoded in it. Therefore, we are introducing the Morse Code translator on UnicodeConverters as a free of cost-utility. This online tool is here to help people decode and encode messages in Morse Code without going through the hassle of learning this intricate communication method. Our morse code converter is free of all ambiguities that can create hurdles for the users. The user-friendly interface of this Morse Code generator allows the visitors to complete their required translation in one click.

How to Translate Morse Code English?

Our Morse decoder helps you translate Morse Code to English without going through intricate procedures. If you have received a message in Morse Code and you wish to decode it in English, then you can follow the simple steps given below to execute this task.

Step 1: Copy-paste the text and it will be converted to code

Step 2: Now! Copy the translated text or click the Download button to save the translated Morse Code on your device.

(Note: It is also possible to click the play button to listen to the code sound, pause, repeat the code and also get the light effect.)

How to Translate English Morse Code?

The functionality of our Morse Code translator isn’t just limited to decoding the Morse Code, as you can also generate the code for any English text within the same tool. You can use this online converter for converting English to Morse Code by following the simple set of instructions given below.

Step 1: Just copy and paste the code to convert it to text 

Step 2: Now! Copy the translated code or click the Download button to save the translated text on your device.

 Features of Our Morse Code Translator


The Morse Code translator offered on our online platform generates super-fast results for all of its users. None of the visitors are asked to go through the registration procedure for converting English to Morse Code or Morse Code to English on our online tool You can make your required translation. 


There are no costs involved with the usage of our Morse Code generator. The users aren’t asked to pay a penny for decoding or encoding code on our tool. You can make as many translations as you desire on our translator without worrying about paying any charges for even a single conversion.

Easy to Use

You don’t have to follow intricate procedures for using this online Morse code converter. The user-friendly interface of this tool makes the morse code translation process easy for everyone. You don’t need any professional assistance for using this free online morse code generator.

Play, Pause, & Repeat

Besides getting the textual representation of morse code, you can also listen to the code generated with this morse code translator. The play, pause, and repeat options provided on this online tool allow you to easily listen to the desired morse code to enhance your understanding and learning of this traditional communication method.


SOS was the message generated with Morse Code to link with your allies and let them know that you need help. You can generate code words like SOS in Morse Code with our morse code translator in a click.

Download Audio File

The Morse code generator allows you to save the audio representation of any Morse Code generated with this tool on a single click. The users won’t face any sort of restriction with the usage of this tool. All of its features including downloading audio files are secure and free to use.

How to Translate Morse Code Manually?

The manual translation of code is quite a hectic task, as you will need to get specialized in understanding how to use dots, dashes, and spaces at a certain speed. Each character, including a number, punctuation or character is represented with a different series of dots and dashes in a Morse code. For translating any message from Morse Code to English, you need to master your skills and learn the Morse Code for each character and then transform it into a phrase or sentence. Dots and dashes denote units of time, where a dot is equal to one unit and dash is equal to three times of dot. The manual translation can take ages for some newbies; hence, the easy way to decode or encode a Morse Code is with the assistance of our Morse Code translator.

How to Learn and Read Morse Code?

As discussed earlier, you need to get a grip over the translation for each character into Morse Code for reading and interpreting the message being conveyed through it. For instance, if you wish to encode a name, Alex, into Morse code, you need to take each of its character’s Morse Code transmission, which would be:

A = .-

L = -…

E = .

X = -..-

Hence, Alex can be translated into Morse code as “.- .-.. . -..-“.

An important thing to note down here is that the capital and small letters both have the same Morse Code representation.

Users of Morse Code Translator

The Morse Code generator utility can still be used by people working in different aspects of life. The most notable users of our online service are as follows:

Social Media Users

The text to Morse Code converter is most widely used by social media users who are involved in creating mind-gobbling posts for the audience. Despite the popularity of Morse Code during World Wars, it is still unknown to many in this modern era. Social media users can use our online service to let their audience know about this conventional way of communication.

Legal Professionals

Many people have secrets that they aren’t willing to openly share with everyone. The legal professionals also have confidential information that they are afraid to share even through digital platforms due to the fear of hacking. Such people can use our Morse Code generator to get a unique representation of their message which will only be understood by the receiver.

Encode and Decode Morse Code with Us

The Morse Code translator offered on our web portal allows you to encode and decode Morse Code without facing any restrictions. If you are worried about the integrity of your data, then you don’t hesitate while using our online service, as it’s providing a completely safe and secured environment. The databases of our web-based utility are designed in such a way that none of the user’s data is saved after the translation process. Whether you wish to convert English to Morse Code or Morse Code to text, you can trust our online facility and perform your conversion within a matter of instance.


Can I Translate Text and Numbers into Morse Code?

Yes, you can use our Morse Code generator to translate any text or numbers into Morse Code within no time.

What Was the First Message Sent through Morse Code?

The first message was sent through Morse Code by its inventor, Samuel Morse, on May 24, 1844, which was “What hath God wrought”.

What is Morse Code Used for?

Morse Code is a traditional way of communication that was introduced to send messages from one location to another with the help of a series of dots and dashes.

Is Morse Code Hard to Learn?

Learning Morse Code is a hard and hectic process as it involves separate representations of each character. The availability of Morse Code translators makes encoding and decoding Morse Code a child’s play for everyone.

What Does SOS Mean?

SOS stands for Save Our Souls and it’s a message that was transmitted through Morse Code to indicate the allies of the need for help in danger.

What is SOS in Morse Code?

The translation of SOS in Morse Code is … — …

What is the Morse Code for I Love You?

The Morse Code for I Love You is .. / .-.. — …- . / -.– — ..-

How to Say Hello in Morse Code?

You can say hello in Morse Code by …. . .-.. .-.. —

How Do You Say Help in Morse Code?

The word help is translated into Morse Code as …. . .-.. .–.

What Does — Mean in Morse Code?

— in Morse Code is the representation for the Latin alphabet “O”.

What Does 3 Dots Mean in a Morse Code?

The 3 dots in a Morse Code represent the Latin alphabet “S”.