Many editors and photographers struggle to achieve unimaginable artistic dimensions in their images. Many things prevent them from doing so. Some of the key ones include lack of access to the intuitive tools or functions not free availability of the editors. Besides this, no prior experience is also a big hurdle in this regard. But no worries, there is a solution exist which overcomes all of these hurdles.

The CapCut online photo editor will push the boundaries in this regard. The transparent background maker is the notable feature of this tool. You don’t need to compromise on the quality of your images and the depth you want to achieve. Learn more about the usage steps and the features of the CapCut online editor right in this short, valuable guide. Let’s get started!

What Makes CapCut Online Photo Editor a Promising One?

Variable Image Upload Methods

CapCut online photo editor allows you to import the files you want in multiple ways. For instance, you can upload the file through drag and drop. An option exists to upload the file through Google Drive, your system device, and Dropbox. You can enjoy unmatchable safety using this service because it offers cloud storage. Suppose you lose your device. You can still access your designs intact.

Variety of Image Editing Functions

There are multiple image tools such as effects, adjust, opacity, or arrange. Each one serves a different purpose. Using these functions, you can play with your images the way you want. You can cut out the unnecessary part of the image. An option exists to rotate your image and stretch it to make it align with the design requirements. Besides this, you can also change the image brightness, saturation, fading, shadow, hue, etc. There are 20+ effects and filters to play with. You don’t need any special training. Everything is right on the tool interface, and just one click away. 

Upload Any Image Format

This feature is a notable one among many. There is no limit on the type of image formats you can upload. The common formats in this regard include jpg, heif, png, jpeg, heic, etc. Apart from this, you can upload the images in bulk and at a quicker speed. You can perform this action by using the tab featuring an upload text. An option exists to access this tab from the extreme left vertical column present in the user interface. It allows you to upload the image using the cloud or Dropbox. You can also use your device for the upload operation.

Custom Shapes and Sections

Multiple types of lines or polygons exist to use. Using these lines or polygons, you can create custom shapes or sections within your images. In case the preferred polygon does not exist, then you can make a custom one by joining and grouping the line segments. You can change the border size, color, style, etc. This functionality of the CapCut online photo editor completely resembles vector illustrations and art. You can use these functionalities for logo design, poster design, website sections or designing, for infographics as well as in icon designing. 

CapCut Online Photo Editor – Usage Steps

You can sharpen image through CapCut’s online editing tool. The only thing you need to do is just follow these steps:

  1. Begin with accessing the CapCut online photo editor. You can do so by using any search engine browser. Go to the browser and type in the search bar CapCut, online photo editor. Click on the first link. Later, you need to sign up to begin using the CapCut online photo editor. For this purpose, you have options to sign up through Facebook, TikTok, or even Google. 
  1. After finishing the signup process. The next thing on your end is the selection of the size. A window will pop up, which will allow you to do two things. Either select the size from the window or enter the custom size in pixels. There are size templates that exist for a plethora of social media or streaming platforms. After selecting the right size, just click on the Create tab to begin using that size.
  1. The third step facilitates the editing needs. You can access the plethora of options or tools on the extreme left column. These tools include text, filters, stickers, effects, uploads, photos, shapes, designs, frames, collages, etc. You can use any tool or option to embellish your photos or pictures. It is also your choice to upload the existing photo and completely change its look and appearance. You can choose from the templates, which are all copyright-free.   
  1. The final step in the CapCut usage is the export of your edited file. You can export your file by accessing the export tab present in the top right corner. When you have clicked on this tab, it will open up the window that lists the format, size, and quality of the file. The option exists for all or anyone as per your requirements. After doing so, simply click on the download tab to begin downloading your edited file.