Consumers are increasingly aware of how their lifestyles and the products they enjoy impact the world around them. That means today’s companies need to not only operate in an environmentally friendly way, but also that they need to show their work about it. If you are trying to find ways to make a difference with operational changes that really matter but that also provide visibility, there are a few great choices out there.

1. Find the Right Fit for Your Industry

Not every business can go green in the same way. Your biggest areas of energy consumption and waste are the ones where you will make the most difference, and consumers really appreciate the change. You can see an example of that principle in play in the way food manufacturers have made packaging simpler and more energy-efficient in recent years. Recyclable materials, minimal material use, and other simple changes to their processes made a huge difference to stakeholders on both sides of the table.

2. Get Help With Energy Independence

Investing in green energy solutions that either reduce your consumption of energy or generate it on-site can go a long way if you have significant overhead in your facilities. Schools have already done this with green construction that uses designs built around harnessing sunlight for solar energy and even heating in the winter, and private offices are starting to catch on. Green energy consulting can help you figure out your options and their scalability so you do not have to guess what works in your industry. You can also check out power choice texas for sustainable energy options for your business.

3. Become a Paper-Free Organization

Businesses are increasingly opting to go paper-free in every way they can. While there are always going to be some legal and financial documents that you need paper backup copies or dual delivery options for, your average billing, customer communications, and marketing operations should be able to go digital. It’s something that today’s information technology supports readily, and there are secure e-signature services and other options that cover any issues of legal liability or information security.

Moving to a paper-free operation looks great to customers, but it also saves you money. While you might need to upgrade or invest in some new equipment to meet all the needs of your customers and employees, you cut a huge slice of your office supplies budget right out when you no longer need to worry about running through ream after ream of paper. There are also long-term savings and indirect savings to realize from the reduced floorspace needed for filing and reduced labor time spent handling physical files.

4. Choose Your SWAG Carefully

Branded gift items are a great way to promote awareness of your company’s work and loyalty to it, and they work for both customers and employees. In an increasingly waste-conscious world, though, you need to think carefully about what you put your company’s name on. Do people really need another cell phone case or phone charger?

Choosing SWAG options that have a real utility, quality to their design, and manufacturing process that respects the environment can communicate your company’s commitment to both supporting customers and doing good in the world. Unconventional but increasingly popular ideas include wooden cooking utensils and cutting boards. There are also items with long-term popularity that work because they last a long time and use accessible materials, like coffee mugs. Just choosing the right manufacturer for a mug or glassware is enough to make a difference there.

Remember Your Audience

There are a lot more options out there, but the further down the list you go, the more solutions for a green operation wind up reflecting the specific circumstances your company faces. These four big moves can make a difference for almost any organization or business, though. The key is to do your research, prime your messaging, and communicate the changes you make. That way, you’re doing things that really matter in ways that really make a difference. Your customers will see that, and your employees will too. There’s nothing wrong with looking good while doing a good thing.