CBD is a newfound medicine famous for relieving pain anxiety and treating complex conditions. It is growing in popularity as a result of its countless benefits. However, as much as CBD popularity is booming, there are still more areas of CBD that haven’t been explored yet.

One of these areas includes the oral care industry. CBD may be beneficial for your oral health, and there is quite some research on CBD toothpaste/mouthwash to prove it. In this article, you will learn about seven reasons you should include CBD in your inpatient drug rehab los angeles.

What about CBD?

CBD comes from the popularly known Cannabis Sativa plant known for its psychoactive effect, but unlike Cannabis and THC, CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound. No wonder many consumers would choose it anytime and any day. Also, CBD has a significant impact on the anxiety and depression of its users. Below you will find ways CBD is produced.

The different forms of CBD you Can Try

CBD can be extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant in several ways, but the most popular form is CBD products. CBD oil is formed by adding CBD into a carrier oil (i.e., coconut oil). There are also three ways to extract it: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. Other forms of production of CBD include:

  • CBD capsule
  • CBD isolate
  • CBD wax
  • CBD crystals
  • CBD e-liquids (for vape pens)
  • CBD gel
  • CBD candle
  • CBD lotion, cream, moisturizer, etc
  • CBD toothpaste/mouthwash

However, CBD toothpaste recently just hit the market, and there is still more research needed to back up its credibility and benefits. Be wary of producers who use every fancy word to sell and make the dentist your friend to avoid making the state of your tooth worse.

Seven reasons to use CBD for your oral health

Below you will find the benefits and reasons you should consider CBD in your oral health:

1. CBD May Inhibit Decay-causing Bacteria

There are two main culprits behind tooth decay which are Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sobrinus. However, there are more culprits behind it, but these two are the most effective. Several people use powerful antibacterial treatments that may put healthy bacteria in danger.

The harmful bacteria also get colonized before the good ones, so they take over before you know it. You don’t have to worry much because, according to the NIH (National Institute of Health), CBD can inhibit the effectiveness of Streptococcus mutants and Streptococcus sobrinus. You can use the help of a physician, but you should also start by taking a low dosage of CBD oil and walk your way up to higher doses.

2) CBD May Reduce Inflammation

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that about half of Americans over 30 years suffer from gum disease. The first time you contact a gum disease, you may suffer from slight symptoms such as inflammation, bleeding, and soreness, but it may end up resulting in bone and tooth loss. According to researchers, CBD can reduce the inflammation related to periodontal diseases, which can improve oral health and eliminate tender gums.

3. CBD May Improve the Overall Health

Periodontal diseases are usually linked with the symptoms of common diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, respiratory disease, and cancer, among other things. It was reported once by AAP (American Academy of Periodontology) that bacteria was the link between periodontal diseases to other diseases.

It was later revealed that inflammation may have been the link between them. Treating inflammation is among one of the benefits of CBD. Therefore CBD won’t only be treating the pain associated with the tooth and other severe conditions but will also take care of your entire wellbeing. 

 4. CBD May Restore the pH Balance and Increase Remineralization

The reaction of oral bacteria with and breakdown of the carbohydrate leads to the production of acids. More acid production leads to a drop in the mouth’s pH level, which reduces minerals in the teeth. When your teeth suffer from a lack of mineral nutrient, it has a chance to decay. Hence it is essential to maintain the mouth’s pH level, where CBD comes to play. CBD can help fight the bacteria in your mouth and help it stay balanced.

5. CBD May fight Bone Loss

Bone loss may be associated with gum disease, and this condition is quite critical as it can only be treated with surgery. Oral health is affected by the health of the gums and bones, and you would have to make sure that they are healthy so that your oral health is excellent. CBD can be a suitable option for anyone to reduce loss of bone, and you may start to notice the difference after about 30 days of continuous use.

6. CBD May Help with Dental Anxiety

Anxiety relief is a benefit associated with CBD oil and Cannabis. Many people are scared to visit the dentist, and there are statistics to prove this fact. CBD could be the perfect remedy for you if you frequently visit the dentist.

7. CBD for Gum Disease

CBD oil may benefit the health of the gum—however, research is quite limited. Most of the studies conducted are conducted using animals. You can try adding the oil to your diet and daily dental routine to reduce the inflammation around the gum and prevent your gum from receding.

Other benefits of CBD

Although the mouth is a mirror of what happens to the rest of your body. One of the most famous benefits of Cannabidiol is its pain-relieving effect. CBD may help the body fight the following symptoms:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Schizophrenia
  • Cancer
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Colitis
  • Heart disease

The Bottom Line

Experiencing anxiety is quite normal, but allowing fear to stop you from seeing a dentist is jeopardizing. This makes CBD an essential factor in your treatment, and also, CBD may help calm you down after undergoing anesthesia. The chemical compound may improve your sleep quality which indirectly affects your oral and dental health. It is essential to purchasing from a brand that does not add THC to the CBD product—overall. You should consult with your dentist.