There are a lot of great places for people to visit in the United States. Not only do a lot of foreigners come to the United States, but there is a lot of domestic travel. One of the great advantages of traveling is learning about different cultures and finding a greater understanding of others.

Here are six cities in the United States worth visiting.

New York City

The most populous city in the country has something for everyone. There are great shows on Broadway whether musicals, plays, or concerts. After taking in an event, a short walk to Times Square checks off another must-see and a stop at John’s Pizzeria shows beautiful decor and popular New York Style pizza that is quite good.

During the daytime, there is plenty to do, including a visit to Central Park. Venturing down to lower Manhattan will bring a somber tone as people can see Ground Zero, where the twin towers stood before the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. 

A short walk to the New York Stock Exchange is a powerful location for the global economy, and then take the Staten Island Ferry for a free close-up of the Statue of Liberty.


A cup of tea would be ideal in memory of the Boston Tea Party, though maybe not for British travelers, although the irony would be hilarious. Boston is one of the most historic cities dating back to the American revolution. The architecture is beautiful and the seafood – a bowl of clam chowder soup is a must – is top-notch.

Visiting Fenway Park for a concert or Red Sox game when in the season shows one of the most unique entertainment venues in the country. Venturing out to Cape Cod for a gorgeous view of the cost is an easy day trip, too.

Washington D.C.

Continuing the history theme and venturing down the Atlantic coast to the country’s capital is worth an independent trip in and of itself. The city is packed with history from the Smithsonian museums to the different memorials throughout the city. 

Of course, seeing the White House and the Capitol (please don’t unlawfully go inside) structures are worthwhile for any type of traveler.

Nearby Chinatown, a quick trip to Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, the Inn at Little Washington, or heading to Baltimore are also worthwhile stops.

Dallas/Fort Worth

The Dallas metroplex is home to a lot of history. Dallas alone is where John F. Kennedy was shot and the Sixth Floor Museum allows visitors to learn about the incident and the controversies surrounding it, and view the street from the sixth floor where the shooter was.

Southern Methodist University is also home to the George Bush Presidential Library, which is worth a stop when it is open. There are some great restaurants around the metroplex, too. Of course, the entertainment is great whether it is the state fair, a Cowboys game or any number of concerts.

Las Vegas

The aforementioned Las Vegas is home to some of the best entertainment in the world. Star entertainers could be performing on any given night at one of the casinos or the newly built athletic facilities of the professional teams who recently moved to the city.

There are a number of the top restaurants in the city, and of course, the casinos are the best in the world, at least the Vegas Strip is the most beautiful.

Los Angeles

Completing the coast-to-coast journey is a visit to southern California. Los Angeles is a beautiful city with so much to do. Hollywood is home to the biggest stars in television shows, movies, and even musical artists. There are house tours, studio tours of Warner Brothers and Universal Studios, shows, and Hollywood stars in this part of Los Angeles.

The Griffith Observatory is a beautiful venue, the Hollywood sign can be seen from a lot of different parts, there are great and historic sports stadiums and great beaches.