The backpack is the most important item you need to get whether you are going for a hike or camping. A nice hiking trip demands a nice hacking backpack. As backpacks are designed to store most of your gear, choosing a hiking backpack can bring the weight down and make your hiking trip much better. A hiking backpack is not like a double-decker heavy backpack and bulky pockets. Luckily the backpacks have evolved with outdoor equipment and even won’t make your backache.

Comfort is the most vital thing when you are looking for a backpack. Probably the best backpack should be extremely comfortable, with padded shoulder straps. And more organizational features. And if you find any of these features in a bag, go and get it. Nothing is worse than searching for your items on a hiking trip. For such a purpose, you should consider buying a backpack with several compartments and pockets to have easy access to your gear.

Hiking backpacks are available in large numbers in the market. Most people want backpacks to look stylish rather than to be affordable. And luckily, there are plenty of options in the market regarding color and style. If you are deeply into hiking, then you would probably know about facing the nature elements. Heat, rain, or snow, anything can happen when you are hiking. To keep your gear protected, you should choose a hiking backpack with water resistance. This feature of backpacks is extremely useful for hikers or any outdoor travelers.

The most important factor while choosing a hiking backpack is its comfort. However, if you are carrying a heavy load, you will need a hip belt to move the weight of the bag from shoulders to hip. A hiking backpack should be lightweight for easy carrying over the mountains. Some people want lightweight backpacks with extreme durability and resistance which is not a big problem. Hiking backpacks are available in a wide variety with distinct features. Some of them are a bit pricey while some are quite affordable. You can surely get what you are looking for. Here, in this article, we have reviewed some of the best hiking backpacks that can match your needs.

1. TETON sports scout 3400

The TETON sports backpacks bring the best possible customer experience and this is quite evident from the high ratings and high quality of the backpacks. For those who have a tight budget but want a large and sturdy backpack, the TETON sports scout 3400 would be the best choice. It is an affordable and sturdy backpack with diverse features. It is the best hiking backpack under $100. This backpack will let you store anything in it with its 55 liters of packing capacity. The most distinct feature of this backpack is its integrated water-resistant rainfly. The water-resistant feature of this backpack will keep all your gear dry and safe. Most people are attracted to this backpack because of its versatility. You can keep your gear stored in the bag for up to 2 or 3 days without any worries. You can use this backpack for hiking as well as for camping, fishing, mountaineering, or any other outdoor activity. This strong and lightweight backpack is measured in 30 x 17 x 12 inches. This size is ideal for overnight trips. The TETON sports scout 3400 is made from 600 D Oxford Canvas and 600D Diamond Ripstop. This material is extremely solid and durable. It has amazing waterproof, elastic, and breathable features. Another important thing you want in a backpack is comfort. Comfort is very important in a backpack and it directly impacts your stamina. Talking about its features, this backpack has smooth zippers that allow an easy opening and closing of the bag, no matter how many times you want access to your gear. The Torso length adjustment feature of this backpack makes it suitable for all sizes. Besides its stability, you can smoothly adjust the size of the bag. There is a hip belt also in this bag. So, when your shoulders are tired and you want to move the weight, just use the hip belts. The hip belts will take all stress from your shoulders to your hip, providing you with a comfortable walk. Scout 3400 backpack also features an adjustable chest strap. This feature is a must in a hiking backpack, and luckily this backpack has it. The size of its chest strap is 28 cm. The shoulder straps of this backpack are nicely padded. This feature is another reason for the comfort and stability of the backpack. Let’s come to the organizing features. This backpack features a sleeping bag compartment to keep your sleeping bag in a separate storage space. The size of the backpack is suitable for every sleeping bag. There is also a 3L hydration bladder. The sport scout 3400 has huge external zippered pockets for easy access to your smaller items and water bottles. There are side and lower gear loops and compression straps. Despite the main compartment, this backpack also features multiple internal pockets and a big mesh pocket. This bag also features a multiple shock cord. For those who aim for a solid and budget-friendly hiking backpack, the TETON backpack would be the best to go with. This backpack is a best seller with positive reviews.

2. Sunhiker cycling backpack

The Sunhiker backpack is the best low-budget hiking backpack. It has a price point of $27 which makes it the best hiking backpack under $50. This backpack is not designed for overnight trips but it is perfect for one-day hiking, trip or biking, or cycling. The materials used in this bag are extremely durable and water-resistant. It features an AMatReflective strap which will keep you safe even if you are using it at night. The shoulder straps featured in this bag are extremely breathable and adjustable. The Sunhiker backpack is pretty appropriate for hiking, camping, mountaineering, and fishing, traveling, or cycling. This backpack measures 15.7 x 9.1 x 5.9 inches. It weighs around 12.3 ounces. And you will get nine colors to choose from, for this backpack. In terms of packing capacity, this bag has a lot of compartments. This backpack has a front zippered compartment, a large main compartment, and inner pouches for storing smaller items such as keys, cards, phones, etc. Also, there are two water bottle holders on both sides of the bag. It is well-equipped with smooth zippers which are pretty functional. You can get easy access to your gear, no matter how many times you drag it. This backpack holds a fair number of compartments which allows organized packing and easy access to your smaller gear. Backpacks are mostly liked because of their comfort. If a backpack cannot provide comfort, then it is of no use. The Sunhiker backpack provides extra comfort to the user. It features nicely padded shoulder straps that are adjustable as well as breathable. The waist, shoulder, and chest straps help in stabilizing the weight and distributing it evenly. And to relieve the stress further, this backpack features great padding throughout its body. The MatReflective strip featured in this bag is an amazing safety measure. This strip will prevent your backpack from scratches and abrasions. The features of this backpack are pretty assuring. It comes in a wide variety of colors. You have to choose it from 9 colors. Overall, this backpack is an ideal choice for outdoor activities such as hiking or camping.

3. WintMing 70L hiking backpack

If you are looking for the best budget hiking backpack, the WintMing hiking backpack would be the best to consider. It is a quite large and cheap hiking backpack. It is a roomy backpack with 70 liters of packing capacity. It is best for hiking for up to 3 days. This backpack is made from 600D Oxford fabric, which is quite durable and water-resistant. It also features a pretty waterproof inner layer. Even if the backpack gets slightly damped from outside, the gear inside the bag will remain completely dry. The winning 70 L hiking backpack features a top-loading spacious main compartment with multiple internal and external pockets. This backpack features MOLLE webbing at the front to provide you easy access to the bulky items you need in handy. You can also use it to attach your sleeping bag to it. There is thick padding on both the front and back panels of the backpack. This thick padding makes the backpack more comfortable to wear. It also features ventilated inserts to keep the bag breathable, so you feel comfortable in very hot weather. The length of the harness is not so adjustable. The shoulder straps are nicely padded with pretty comfortable foam, which makes them easy to wear for a longer period. The shoulder straps, hip straps, and sternum straps are pretty adjustable. This waterproof and durable backpack is ideal to use for hiking, traveling, camping, and many other outdoor activities. This a very affordable survival pack with a huge packing capacity. Besides, it is also extremely durable and waterproof. You have four colors to choose from. It is currently available in black, khaki, camouflage a camouflage b, and camouflage c. The winning 70 L hiking backpack measures 13.4 x 6.7 x 29 inches and weighs around 2.86 lbs. The winning 70L is the best backpack under $100.

4. Osprey Daylite plus a daypack

Osprey Daylite Plus daypack is a budget-friendly backpack with loads of features. This is the most elegant backpack designed for hiking as well as for everyday use. The Osprey Daylite offers a simple webbing waist and comfortable padded shoulder straps. The padded shoulder straps provide a surprising comfort to the shoulders. The mesh back panel makes the backpack breathable and keeps your gear close to your hands. It has a reasonable price tag whilst a reasonable weight. It is a pretty lightweight backpack weighing around 3.8 ounces. Some backpacks with lightweight fail to manage the balance between load and stability. But the Osprey Daylight strikes a perfect balance and provides extra stability to the bag. With its 20 liters of packing capacity, the Osprey Daylite plus has a great and spacious storage compartment. There is a thick padded sleeve inside the main compartment which is secured completely with a buckle. At the rear of the main compartment, there is a hydration bladder pocket. This hydration bladder makes this backpack perfect for a day hike. On both sides of the backpack, there are two water bottle holders, which proves to be very useful in a hiking backpack. At the top of the bag, there is a zippered pocket to store your smaller gear such as keys, cards, etc, so you can easily access them. This bag also features a stretch pocket, which is perfect for storing an extra layer of clothing gear. At the bottom of the backpack, there is a drain hole to roam easily in any kind of weather. There is a small zippered pocket near the stretch stuff pocket. The Osprey Daylite has a perfect combination of organizing features and survival features. In terms of comfort, this backpack is built very practically. For back panel ventilation, it uses a stretch mesh over a slotted foam. The shoulder straps are padded and covered with mesh to reduce sweat. This backpack also features a thin hip belt, which is pretty appropriate for the size of the backpack. It is made from 210D Diamond Ripstop nylon which makes the backpack extremely durable and sturdy. To choose this backpack, you will get five color options, which are very stylish and outdoorsy. Overall, the organization and storage of this backpack are very great. It offers great comfort to the wearer’s body. The hydration sleeve and the hip belt are a great addition to this backpack. The Osprey Daylite Plus is the best day hiking backpack for under $100.

5. G4Free 40L hiking backpack

The G4Free hiking backpack offers an impressive 40 liters of packing capacity whilst being extremely durable and lightweight. It is made from a soft nylon fabric which allows it to fold and keep when not in use. It is generally designed for multi-day purposes. This sturdy backpack offers multiple internal and external zippers and pockets for easy organization. Some of the interior pockets are thick and padded to keep your item secured such as a laptop. This backpack is lightweight, small, and super cheap. The G4Free backpack is pretty much like a basic backpack. It features a large main compartment with multiple pockets for the extra storing of items. There is also a thick padded sleeve in which you can store a laptop. The most impressive feature of this backpack is its durability and lightweight. Compared to its size, the weight of 3 pounds is considerably light. The G4Free is a packable backpack that can be folded and stored in a compact pouch, when not in use. It has 40 liters of packing capacity which is more than enough for a hiking trip or daily use. This means this bag can store everything you need for a hiking trip, very easily. The chest straps featured in this bag are meant to provide stability and comfort. This backpack also features several external pockets, so you can get easy access to smaller items such as cards, keys, mobile, or papers, etc. There are two water bottle holders on each side of the backpack, and it also features a spandex pouch for storing items. The material used in the manufacturing of this backpack is completely water-resistant, tear-resistant, and durable. The shoulder straps of this backpack are also padded but in a small amount. Although, they are pretty comfortable. The G4Free is one of the best affordable hiking backpacks. Along with all of these features, it is currently available in 13 different colors and styles. It is available in a black, blue, gray-green, light blue, orange, black blue leaf pattern, blue leaf pattern. Purple, silver, yellow-green, black base flower, blue base flower, and paisley pattern. It measures 21 x 11.5 x 8.8 inches. The G4Free is a lightweight yet durable backpack with a wide variety of features. It is also the best camera backpack under 100.

1. Gregory Optic 48 backpack

The Gregory Optic 48 is quite an impressive and sturdy backpack. For those who want a balance between comfort and lightweight, this is the bag to consider. This backpack is well-equipped with a ventilated trampoline-style suspension system, fully padded sleeves, back panel, and straps for extra support and comfort, and a lot of storage options to keep your gears well organized. This backpack has a storage capacity of 48 liters. It is made from 210 Denier nylon fabric which makes the pack extremely durable and waterproof. Coming to its storage compartments, it has two side pockets that are made from mesh. These mesh pockets allow any size of a water bottle to fit in easily. The hip belt pocket is the most loved feature of this backpack. The hip belt pocket allows you to easily access smaller items such as compass, key, map, or snacks. This pocket is sized quite reasonably, it is not too big to come in your way, nor too small where it cannot fit anything. The Gregory Optical backpack is a top-loading backpack that has a top lid. The lids for this backpack comes in two different types. One of the top lids has two pockets for storing smaller items and the other lid has no pocket. It is a stripped-down version to keep the load low. This top lid is useful in many ways. It helps to compress the gear in the main compartment. It also prevents the water and dirt to enter the main compartment. You will get a stretch mesh pocket on the front pocket. This stretch pocket is best for storing wet items. You can also utilize this stretch mesh pocket to get easy access to items like a rain gauge or water filter. The main compartment of the bag provides ample space to store all your required items easily. There is a large hydration bladder inside the main compartment and a universal hanger that keeps the bladder in place. A drawstring is used to open and close the main compartment of this backpack. There are multiple attachment points on the backpack to carry items. This bag features a dual attachment system to hold your ax or trekking poles. The Gregory Optic 48 has v-shaped compression straps, which are located on both sides of the bag. As mentioned before, this backpack features a ventilated trampoline-style suspension system to keep air between the pack and your back. This feature prevents your backpack from becoming sweaty. This backpack features EVA foam shoulder straps that provide extra comfort to the shoulders and prevent them from digging. Overall, the Gregory Optic 48 is the best backpack under $200.

2. Granite gear crown 2

This backpack remains at the top, of the list of best backpacks under $200. The Granite gear crown 2 is designed considering the modest hiker in mind. It is extremely lightweight as well as extremely durable. This backpack has a storage capacity of 60 liters and weighs around 2 lbs. The most remarkable upgrade of this backpack is the addition of waterproof zippers, hip belt pockets, and a top lid. It also features support for a hydration bladder. This backpack is made from 210 Denier high-density nylon fabric which is extremely durable and water or scratches resistant. This backpack cannot carry heavy weight, which is normal for an extremely lightweight bag. The shoulder straps of this backpack are nicely padded and covered with mesh, which makes them comfortable and prevents them from digging. To match its carrying capacity, this backpack features a suspension system. It features a removable flexible sheet that is covered by a thin layer of foam. The features of Granite Gear crown 2 are quite impressive. The top lid of the backpack is easily accessible and has a wide zippered opening from where you can see everything that’s inside. There are two water bottle holders on both sides of the backpack. The bottle holder pockets are made from mesh, to store water bottles of any size. On the front of the backpack, there are nice mesh pockets where you can store your wet items. This backpack also features side and front compression straps. These straps provide options for carrying gear that you cannot fit inside of the bag. The Granite Gear Crown 2 comes in three different sizes in the market. It comes in short, regular, and long sizes. And each of the packs claims 5 inches of torso adjustability. However, the size of the shoulder straps is not adjustable. There is a waist belt also from a range of 26 – 42 inches. Overall, this backpack is lightweight a well-designed durable backpack with a huge storage capacity and an affordable price. The Granite Gear Crown 2 has a completely adjustable hip belt and top lid. But if you want to save some weight, this lid is designed removable. This backpack also compresses when you don’t want a large capacity. This backpack is a durable, affordable, lightweight, and sturdy backpack. The Granite Gear Crown 2 is the best lightweight hiking backpack.

3. Deuter ACT lite backpack

The Deuter ACT Lite is an impressive backpack with extreme durability. It is incredibly a versatile backpack as well as budget-friendly. It is the best hiking backpack under $150. It features solid suspension and awesome adjustability. It is a well-built backpack with detachable parts. The Deuter ACT lite backpack is a pretty comfortable bag with distinct features. This backpack is equipped with a lot of padding on the whole body which ensures the prevention of the effect of carrying loads on your hip and back. This backpack also features an adjustable torso, which is not so common in backpacks. It is used to adjust the backpack perfectly to your body. There is another feature of the detachable brain. This feature provides an extra storage space where you can keep your smaller items such as mobile, keys, or cards. And to secure your gear efficiently, this backpack also features an ice ax or trekking loops. This backpack is compatible with up to 3L of a hydration bladder. The suspension system of this backpack helps to circulate the air between you and your backpack. Deuter ACT Lite is a super adjustable bag with adjustable features. This backpack also offers a zippered mesh pocket on the hip belt. There are stretch mesh pockets on both sides of the bag for water bottles. The top lid of the bag is also removable. This backpack features one large zipper pocket which is accessed from the top. And a smaller zipper pocket that is accessed from underneath. This backpack weighs around 4 pounds, which is quite a respectable weight. This backpack is made from water-resistant. This means that you can stand up in a moist environment without any worries and all of your gear will remain completely dry. Overall, the Deuter ACT lite backpack is extremely strong and durable. It has a lot of adjustable features and multiple compartments for storage. This backpack also features several internal and external pockets and zippers for smaller items. This is a pretty lightweight bag with pretty organizing features.

4. TETON sports grand 5500

The TETON sports grand 5500 is a lightweight backpack with a storage capacity of 90 liters. It is specially built for extended tours such as hiking, mountaineering, or camping. This bag features all the space you need to store for such adventures. This is a larger pack with extra features. It is atop loading back with a floating lid with dual strings underneath it. You will also get front access through a U-shaped zipper. This zipper opens up the bag just like a suitcase. A t lower section, you will get zippered access to the bottom of the bag. Grand 5500 is hydration compatible with dual hose ports on each side of the pack. The fabric used in the manufacturing of this pack is 420 D black Oxford with 100mm of water resistance. Integrated tarp-poncho is a bonus to this backpack. The fabric of the integrated tarp poncho is 66 D with 3mm of ripstop polyester, and a 2000mm water-resistant coating. The harness of this backpack is pretty adjustable. You can move it up or down or adjust any torso length. The harness of this backpack is based on dual aluminum that stays vertically along with the bag. The shoulder straps of this pack are nicely padded and covered with mesh to make it breathable and prevent it from digging. There is a hip belt also equipped in this bag. There are multiple attachment points on the bag to carry items that cannot be fitted inside the bag. It features two compression straps and two gear loops on both sides of the bag. Grand 5500 has 5 pockets and two mesh pockets. One large zippered pocket is on the top and the other is underneath it. You will get a fully detachable zippered pocket in the front. The mesh pockets are located on the sides of the bag. Overall, the TETON sports grand 5500 is the best backpack under $150. It is completely versatile and features an integrated tarp-poncho. It has three access points to the main compartment of the backpack. It has several unique and useful features.

5. Osprey EXOS 48 backpack

The Osprey EXOS 48 is the most versatile, affordable, and widely available backpack on the market. This pack is extremely comfortable but a bit heavier. The lightweight internal frame of the backpack distributes the weight of the gear evenly. The tight mesh suspension system circulates the airflow between your back and bag. The Osprey EXOS 48 has a long list of useful features. The shoulder straps are padded with foam and covered with mesh netting, to make the straps breathable. This bag features an ice ax or trekking loops and side compression straps. This backpack has an abundant amount of external pockets to store smaller items for easy access. The detachable lid is a notable feature in this backpack. There are two stretch mesh pockets on each side of the backpack to hold water bottles. The Osprey EXOS 48 is made from high tenacity nylon fabric which is extremely durable and water-resistant. This is a pretty lightweight bag that weighs around 1.17 kg. This backpack has a nice spacious main compartment with multiple zippered and meshes pockets for extra storing of items. The osprey exos has 48 liters of storage capacity, which is an ample space if you are on a hiking trip, or camping. This backpack is available in two different colors. It is available in blaze black and tunnel green color options on Amazon. Overall, the Osprey EXOS 48 is a versatile backpack with multiple organizational features. If you are looking for a comfortable backpack with ultra-light weight, the Osprey EXOS would be the best to consider.


These were all of the best hiking backpacks under $200 and $100. Every pack discussed above is useful and best in its own distinct way. Some of them are expensive with more features and color options, whereas some are cheap with comfort and support but not color options. We have detailed the best packs and choosing one of them is now up to you.

That’s all for today. If you have any questions regarding this post, reach us by commenting below.