In today’s digital era, with continuous transformations in the entertainment sector, IPTV UK has rapidly become a prominent choice for audiences seeking versatility and quality. This article is dedicated to an in-depth exploration of XtrixTV IPTV. XtrixTV IPTV encapsulates the essence of what modern viewers demand, offering everything from a broad channel library and unparalleled streaming quality to a wide range of distinctive features. This is a top-tier IPTV service meticulously crafted for the UK audience. Join us as we delve into the multifaceted world of XtrixTV IPTV, and discover what makes it uniquely stand out in the digital entertainment domain.

What is XtrixTV IPTV ?

XtrixTV IPTV is the best IPTV service in the UK. It is a subscription-based IPTV service where you can watch your favorite TV, movies, and sports events, along with various international live channels. XtrixTV IPTV offers a range of high-quality IPTV subscription packages for you to choose from, including tailored family packages for your household. With its user-friendly interface and stable, buffer-free streaming, XtrixTV IPTV has become the top choice for UK audiences due to its rich content and diverse special features.

If you are a sports fan, features like IPTV Catch UP, PVR, and EPG, among many others, will be your best bet. In short, if you are a loyal fan of IPTV and sports, then XtrixTV IPTV is the ideal choice for you.

Additionally, XtrixTV IPTV offers a 3-day IPTV free trial, allowing you to personally assess the quality and reliability of channels to ensure they meet your viewing needs. This is a great opportunity to check for any lags or interruptions in the channels and content you require.

Core Advantages of XtrixTV IPTV

XtrixTV IPTV uniquely combines the availability of high-definition and 4K channels with a wide range of channel selections, making it an exceptional choice for diverse entertainment needs. It provides viewers with top-notch visual quality and a rich variety of content, including extensive sports coverage, a broad spectrum of movies, and engaging children’s programs, catering to the preferences of every family member.

XtrixTV IPTV offers its users several advantages, including:

  • Diverse Channel Options: XtrixTV offers over 1300+ live television channels and on-demand content, featuring popular sports and 3000 + VOD.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The interface of XtrixTV is designed to be user-friendly, allowing users to easily navigate and find the content they wish to watch.
  • High-Quality Video Streaming: XtrixTV offers high-quality video streaming to ensure a smooth and enjoyable viewing experience.
  • Cross-Device Compatibility: XtrixTV is compatible with a range of devices, including smart TVs, set-top boxes, and mobile devices, enabling users to easily access its content on any screen.
  • Convenience and Accessibility: XtrixTV is available 24/7, accessible from any location with an internet connection, providing users with convenient and flexible viewing options.

3 Day IPTV Free Trial

Trying out an iptv service before subscribing is a key step in ensuring it meets your entertainment needs. IPTV XtrixTV offers such an opportunity with a 3-day iptv free trial. This IPTV free trial allows you to evaluate the quality and reliability of the channels, ensuring they meet your viewing requirements. It’s an excellent opportunity to check if the channels and content you need are free from any lags or interruptions, helping you make an informed decision before purchasing. Join us for a 3-day IPTV free trial where you can enjoy live sports, movies, TV shows, news, and more for free, and start your streaming journey!

7 Days Catch-up

It’s well known that offering Catchup TV can be quite costly for IPTV providers. They need to record every program on each live channel they include in their Catchup service for a set number of days. This is the main reason why only a select few internet TV companies offer catch-up services, and those that do often limit it to just 48 hours or 2 days of content.

Yet, XtrixTV distinguishes itself by providing a remarkable 7-day catch-up feature, which is great news for its users. Thanks to this extensive 7-day catch-up service, users can easily watch their favorite shows without the need to stay up late or set reminders, ensuring they never miss out on their preferred programs.


XtrixTV IPTV introduces an enticing cloud recording feature, allowing you to store up to 40 hours of valuable programming on cloud servers. With the recording function, you can capture your favorite moments or channels at any time, making it easy for you to find them when you want to watch later. In case of storage limitations, no need to worry; you can freely delete old content to accommodate the latest shows, ensuring uninterrupted access to your favorite programs.

TV Guides(EPG)

During my experience with XtrixTV, I was delighted to find that they offer three distinct Electronic Program Guides (EPG) options: Normal EPG, Classic EPG, and Grid EPG. These EPGs cover a wide range of channels, ensuring you have access to detailed scheduling information. What’s noteworthy is that many other providers typically charge extra for EPG access, but XtrixTV includes it as part of their service, adding significant value for users.

This versatility in EPG styles is a standout feature, allowing you to tailor your viewing experience to your specific tastes. Whether you prefer a clean and straightforward schedule view or a more traditional layout, XtrixTV has you covered, enhancing your overall enjoyment of their service.

Add Favorites

Inside the XtrixTV app, you’ll discover a seamless way to create your own customized collection of favorite channels. When your constellation of favorites is thoughtfully assembled, the once arduous task of searching through a multitude of channels for your preferred program becomes a thing of the past. The mechanics behind this feature are elegantly simple; with just a long press of the OK button on your remote control, while watching a channel, you can effortlessly add it to your collection of favorites, ensuring that your viewing experience is tailored to your tastes.

User Experience with XtrixTV IPTV

The user experience with IPTV XtrixTV is marked by its user-friendly interface, ensuring ease of use for all subscribers. This aspect is consistently reflected in user feedback and reviews, highlighting XtrixTV’s commitment to providing a seamless and intuitive viewing experience.

Here’s feedback from Xtrix users who have shared their experiences with Xtrix IPTV over the years, posting reviews on platforms like Trustpilot, Yotpo, Reddit, various social media networks, and more. This post serves as a compilation of these reviews, providing you with insights into the Xtrix IPTV community. Feel free to explore and discuss all things related to Xtrix IPTV. If you’re interested, you can click here to purchase IPTV or opt for a complimentary 3-day trial.

Customer review

Jim Milio:

I would recommend IPTV XtrixTV to anyone who has decent internet service. I would also strongly suggest buying the XtrixTV IPTV as it is so easy to set up and use. I have had this service for several months.

Carlos cables:

I have been an IPTVXtrix customer for about 7 months now. In that time, their service has improved greatly. Customer service is very helpful. The live channels, sports, and on-demand content are simply amazing! I installed their app on my Android TV box and it works 99.9% flawlessly. We are very satisfied. Highly recommend this to anyone. Great job.


Very happy about their services. Many relatives and friends used it after I told them about it. I wish I could use two devices at the same time. It’s the only thing that is missing.

David Alexander

I have to say this is one of the most stable IPTV providers out there, will also say it is rather expensive for only 1 connection and a cost of 113.00 a year.5 stars keep up the great work.

Ken Stevens

I have been using Xtrix with a 7-day catch-up for 3 years now and absolutely love it. We can watch all our favorite TV programs when we want + all the latest movies and TV serials. Well done guys

XtrixTV IPTV UK Pricing and Subscription Plan Options

In the UK IPTV market, the subscription cost is a key factor, especially with the varied plans available. Some providers may charge up to $15 per month for a limited channel selection, which may not be cost-effective for everyone.

Turning to XtrixTV’s pricing, it offers value through its budget-friendly rates and a range of features. XtrixTV has three subscription options: XtrixTV (Blue), XtrixTV Plus (Red), and XtrixTV Plus Sub-device, with Plus and Sub-device versions offering the same channels and features for comprehensive access. The Plus XtrixTV (Blue) option, however, provides a unique set of channels and features.

  • XtrixTV (Blue): The standard version boasts a collection of channels and features tailored to specific preferences.
  • XtrixTV Plus (Red): This version ensures you have access to the same array of channels and functionalities as the Sub-device, providing a holistic viewing experience.
  • XtrixTV Plus Sub-device: Designed to mirror the Plus version, this option accommodates multi-device viewing requirements, enhancing your IPTV experience.

Comparison of XtrixTV IPTV with Other UK IPTV Services

Here is a comparison between IPTV XtrixTV and other leading IPTV services in the UK, covering aspects such as channels, features, advantages, video quality, and more.

Below, we present the information in the form of a table for a clearer and more intuitive understanding.

FeaturesIPTV Xtrix TVIPTV TrendYeah IPTVTyphoon labs TVStrong IPTVGrea tIPTV
Live Channels1,300+18,000+12,000+1,200+30,000+10,000
IPTV Free Trial3 Days××2 Days××
PriceUS$19.99 – US$199.99US$2.99 – US$150.99US$14.99 – US$89.99US$19.99 – US$59.99US$24.12-US$100.54€15-€80
Supported DevicesAmazon FireStick, All Android DevicesAndroid, iOS, Firestick, Windows, Smart TV, Mac, MAG BoxAmazon FireStick, IPTV Box, Smart TV, IOS Devices Android TV, Tablet, iOS, PC, Windows,Amazon FireStick, Android DevicesAndroid, iOS, Firestick, Windows, Smart TV, Mac, MAG BoxAndroid, iOS, Firestick, Windows, Smart TV, Mac,
EPG (TV Guide)
Catch Up×××××
Instant Activation×××