When you seek service from Best vastu consultant in Kolkata what things comes to your mind? Certainly, the right placement of every part in the layout of the home, which includes the main door, bedrooms, kitchen, toilets, temples and other parts. 

But do you know that it also includes the right placement of the equipment of household as well? yes, you should place the washing machine, refrigerator, TV, Ac as per vastu shastra rules too. 

Now, one question must be pounding your head that if vastu shastra is ages old, then how come it has provisions for vastu placement of modern electronic equipment? Well, having such queries is normal and it is the duty of a good Best vastu consultant in Kolkata to answer these so that no shadow of doubt in your mind. 

In today’s blog, we will focus on the vastu needs of the air conditioning machine. We will see which zones are most suitable for its placement and what are not. 

The need of vastu for AC

The climate of India is very diversified and we have seasons of both extreme cold and extreme hot. Thus, in order to make our average life as comfortable as possible, we use some traditional and modern means. 

While in the rural area, people are more prone to use the traditional means, doing so in the urban life is often challenging. Thus, using heater in the winters and cooler/AC in the summers is very common to find in city lives. Of course, you need money to buy them and skilled labors to install them, but this is not all. You must also follow the guidelines for it under the guidance of Best vastu consultant in Kolkata.

Since AC is a very extensively used electronics at both home and offices (at least during the summer time), it is critical that you don’t place it randomly in any direction. If you don’t follow its relevant tips then it might hamper the function of the AC, causing it to break down and needing frequent maintenance. Also, it can take away the positive attributes of the zone if it is incompetent. 

Now, let us see which arrangements should be compatible for the AC placement and which are not. 

The right and wring zones for AC in vastu

Let us start from the north east zone and then we will move clockwise to check each zone for its compatibility for the AC placement. 

Since the North East is not ideal for AC and hence it is not permissible. They might bring anxiety and instability of mind because the head of the vastu purush mandala lies in here and putting any kind of electronics in bad.

East of North East zone represents fun and recreation in vastu and it is considered ideal for AC placement in any home or office space. The social connectivity aspect is represented by the East zone and Best vastu consultant in Kolkata permits AC to be placed in this zone.

East of South East zone represents the churning of mind in vastu. If you place the AC in this zone, the running of the machine will help with easing your mind from anxiety and overthinking.

The primary agnisthan of the vastu is in the South East zone. Keeping the Air condition in this zone can bring hindrance in cash flow. In addition, it might lead you to make inadequate savings. 

South of South East and South zones are both ideal for the placing the AC. This placement does not hamper the self-confidence of the residents. Also, it does not hamper the sleep, relaxation, name and fame aspects for the occupants.  

According to the Best vastu consultant in Kolkata, the South of South West symbolizes disposal and whatever valuable you keep here tends to get disposed without much use. This is why locker or study table is strictly forbidden, but AC can be placed in this zone.

South West zone symbolizes stability and skills. It is not an ideal zone for AC placement, however, since it makes residents crave for comfort while working. If it gets out of hand then your work might get affected when you don’t get the comfort of air conditioning. 

Education and savings are both attributes of West of South West. By placing the AC in here you don’t get any advantage in either aspect, but no harm comes either. So, all in all it is permitted.

West represents profit and gain aspect. Best vastu consultant in Kolkata permits placement of AC in this zone. Depression of the residents is associated with the West of North West zone and AC can be placed in this zone without causing any side effects whatsoever.

North West zone represents support and banking and it serves as a great spot for the placement of AC in both home and workplace. For the home vastu, the North of North West zone represents the sex and attraction and placement of AC is permitted in this zone.

New opportunities are brought by North zone and keeping the AC in this zone is a good idea. The same condition is applied if the AC is placed in the North of North East, which represents the health and immunity. 

So, all in all, as you can see, out of all the 16 zones, the air condition machine can be placed in most, with a few exceptions. Knowing the reason for these forbidden zones is necessary to make the right decision when it comes to install the AC in your property. 

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