Wholesalers who wish to maximize their profit, are interested in purchasing items which are in demand and will sell quickly. People will always purchase innovative items which will help in organizing the items they use regularly. In most homes, the vertical space is usually not utilized. So many people are interested in purchasing a hanging storage organizer so that the wall or closet space is utilized efficiently. Some of the features of the storage organizers which businesses searching for suppliers wholesale should consider while evaluating the different types of hanging organizers are discussed.


Depending on the customer profile of the wholesaler, the storage organizer may be used in different rooms of the house like

– entrance, living room

– kitchen

– bedroom

– study room

Additionally the buyer may fix the storage organizer on the wall or install it in a closet. The items which will be stored in the hanging organizer will vary according to the location where it is installed. 


The main consideration while purchasing the storage organizer sold by suppliers wholesale is its design which varies depending on the items which will be stored. Many people require the organizer in their bedroom to store small clothes, accessories especially undergarments, socks and ties. In this case, it is better to purchase a rack type organizer with pockets for storing each of the items which will be required regularly. The number of pockets will vary depending on the clothing and other items which will be stored. However, many of the clothes and other items are large, so in this case it is better to purchase a storage organizer with shelves. The number and size of the shelves will depend on the clothes which are being stored. These organizers with shelves are also suitable for use in closets, since the different types of clothes can be easily and quickly retrieved from the shelf where they are stored, especially the clothes at the bottom. 

In some cases,in addition to the shelves, the hanging organizer will also have pockets at the side, which can be used for storing smaller items. The method of hanging the storage organizer will also vary, some have a hook for hanging, others use a rod. 


Another consideration while choosing an organizer from suppliers wholesale is the material, since the strength, durability and load carrying capacity depends to a great extent on the material used and design. While cloth is used extensively for making storage organizers, it usually reinforced, using plastic or cardboard. The hanging rack type organizers usually will have pockets which are made from netting or mesh so that the item stored can be identified without opening the pocket. If plastic is used, it is easier to wash the storage organizer if it will become dirty, though these organizers are usually more expensive. 


The size of the storage organizer should be also considered while evaluating the various organizers available from suppliers wholesale since the storage capacity varies accordingly. Buyers who have more clothes will require storage with larger number of shelves and these shelves should be larger in size.