In the dynamic world of manufacturing and transportation, ensuring the safe arrival of goods is paramount. One key player in the realm of protective packaging is Foam Packaging, with a specific focus on polyethylene foam. This article explores the benefits and versatility of polyethylene foam packaging, delving into its characteristics, applications, and the services offered by Advanced Protective Packaging.

Understanding Polyethylene Foam Packaging

Polyethylene foam, a cross-linked foam, stands out for its suitability in general protection, making it ideal for multi-trip packaging and factory transit applications. While it may be pricier than polystyrene, its reliability for safeguarding valuable products from repeated impacts is unparalleled. The foam is available in black, white, blue, and anti-static pink, offering flexibility in design and application.

Bespoke Designs for Optimal Performance

Advanced Protective Packaging takes pride in analyzing product requirements to create bespoke designs or standard packaging. This customization ensures optimal performance and cost-effectiveness, providing customers with the confidence that their goods will arrive safely, even after enduring multiple shocks.

Variety of Polyethylene Foams

Polyethylene foams, known by trade names such as Ethafoam, Stratocell, Jiffycell, Polylam, or Nopaplank, are expertly utilized by the company. The team at Advanced Protective Packaging excels in working with specialized foams like Nomafoam, Plaztazote, and Zotefoam, tailoring solutions according to the specific needs of the products being packaged.

The Complete Service

The company offers a holistic approach to protective packaging, supplying not only polyethylene fitments but also boxes, cartons, tape, and bubble wrap. This comprehensive service streamlines the packaging design process, providing customers with a single point of contact, minimizing paperwork, and maintaining balanced stock levels.

Simplified Ordering Process

Dealing with one supplier simplifies the ordering process, ensuring an immediate response to any queries. Whether it’s boxes, cartons, or additional packaging products, Advanced Protective Packaging aims to meet all your needs. If a product isn’t in stock, the company leverages its extensive network of suppliers to source it promptly.

Versatility and Innovation in Packaging

Polyethylene foam packaging emerges as a versatile and innovative solution for safeguarding a diverse range of products. Crafted from the durable and lightweight polymer polyethylene, this type of foam is widely embraced in industries such as electronics, automotive, and healthcare due to its exceptional cushioning properties.

Impact Absorption

One of the standout features of polyethylene foam packaging is its ability to absorb and distribute impact forces effectively. The foam’s structure, comprised of numerous cells acting as tiny shock absorbers, significantly reduces the risk of damage during transportation or handling. Fragile or delicate items benefit from this cushioning, creating a protective barrier that absorbs energy and minimizes the risk of impact-related incidents.

Resistance to External Factors

Polyethylene foam packaging goes beyond impact protection. It exhibits resistance to moisture, chemicals, and temperature fluctuations, making it an ideal choice for products sensitive to these factors. Electronic devices, like smartphones or computer components, can be securely packaged with polyethylene foam, preventing moisture ingress and ensuring longevity.

About Advanced Protective Packaging

Established in 1986, Advanced Protective Packaging boasts a rich history as a family-run business. Founded by Brian Garsden and currently led by his son-in-law Mark Hollingsworth, the company has evolved to become a key player in the protective packaging industry. The acquisition of PK Sanders in 1999 expanded their capabilities, allowing them to offer an extensive range of products, including Nomafoam, Zotefoam, and extruded polystyrene.

Evolution and Success

The company’s success is attributed to its commitment to providing the best solutions for customer protective packaging needs. Constantly evolving to meet specific requirements, Advanced Protective Packaging has garnered a reputation for exceeding customer expectations in service.


In conclusion, Foam Packaging, particularly in the form of polyethylene foam, stands out as a reliable and innovative solution for ensuring the safe transportation and storage of various products. Advanced Protective Packaging, with its years of experience and commitment to excellence, emerges as a key player in delivering bespoke protective packaging solutions. As industries evolve, so does the need for robust packaging, making polyethylene foam an indispensable asset in the realm of product protection.