Destination weddings are wonderful opportunities for couples to share their love with friends and family in a dream location, but they can also involve a lot of stress. So many little details go into making one day special, and adding international travel into the mix creates a whole new level of important planning. To help the happy couple celebrate without a hitch, here’s how the bridal party can prepare for a destination wedding.

Plan All Wedding Details in Advance

Between traveling and arriving at a brand new location by that you probably won’t have seen before, planning any last-minute details isn’t feasible. To save your sanity, and probably the sanity of everyone around you, offer to help the couple with any plans well before it’s time to hop on a plane. Make sure dresses and suits have been tailored, confirm that all the vendors are booked and have the correct information, and get an itinerary of events. If you don’t know how to write a maid of honor speech, look up any resources you need ahead of time so you can get feedback. Email a copy to yourself, then print out a physical one and keep it somewhere safe, like with your important travel documents

Book Early

Prices for flights as well as hotels and resorts can fluctuate wildly over time, so while you can monitor prices for a bit, don’t wait too long to book your room and your flights. Some locations require visas that can take weeks or even longer to be approved, and the last thing you want is to show up at the airport without an essential document. Make sure you don’t need to renew your passport or get vaccines before traveling. Excursions and other activities can also book fast, so you should take a look at those to make sure you don’t miss out.

Research Your Location

If you’re traveling internationally, it’s a good idea to do some research on your location before you arrive. There may be some customs or etiquette you should follow to respect the locals and important locations. If they don’t speak the same language as you, try learning a handful of useful words before you go. You never know when you’ll be in desperate need of a bathroom! The location may also have some potential dangers you should be aware of as well. Local flora and fauna as well as the surrounding geography may require some care when navigating. The beach might be known for strong tides, or the local hiking trail might pass a lot of steep cliffs.

Speak to the Wedding Planner

The bride and groom will have enough on their plate and are likely looking forward to relaxing once they arrive. In order to offer the most support possible, reach out to the wedding planner and let them know they can rely on you once the special day arrives. Many wedding planners use the maid of honor or best man as a means of communication once things get hectic. If anything does go wrong, the wedding planner and other vendors can go to you instead of bothering the couple. Unless it’s something that can’t be fixed, why worry them?

Have Fun

The wedding day is all about the couple, but there’s still room in your trip to have some fun for yourself. Even cheap international travel can be considered expensive, so why not enjoy a little vacation as well? Consider arriving a day earlier or staying a day later than the others to decompress and enjoy the incredible location. Being in a bridal party can be a huge emotional and financial investment, so you deserve some time to yourself without having to tend to someone else’s needs.

Destination weddings can be beautiful if done right, but there’s also a lot of room for error. By planning ahead, you can approach the event with excitement and as the ideal support system for those you love.