People these days have to prepare text files for multiple reasons, such as documentation, presentations, data collection, etc. The need for creating text files has given birth to the inception of tools and software that can aid people in doing their desired tasks without any hassle. Whether you are using a smartphone or desktop, you can easily find compatible software for creating text files. Now the question is whether you just want a text simply or you need it fully aligned and formatted. You don’t need to worry about preparing text files either way, as we are here with this blog to help you discover multiple options for preparing text files from scratch.

We are well aware of the needs users have these days related to textual documents. Hence, we will fully cover this topic in this blog to help you get the answer you are looking for. It’s advised to go through this content till the end to figure out which option would cover the requirements you have. So without any further delay, let’s start with the most renowned software for preparing text files from scratch, i.e., Word.

Create Text Documents in Word

Word is the most popular software used around the world for preparing text-based documents. It provides the users with advanced features for creating and editing text files without facing any intricacies. However, you may face some issues with Word files, such as their formatting doesn’t remain intact while they are shared across different devices. But this drawback doesn’t stop many people from using it due to its easy-to-use interface.

So the question is, how to prepare text files in Word? Well, to do so, you need to install Microsoft Office on your device. Besides Word, this software also includes PowerPoint and Excel that can aid you in performing other tasks. After installing this software, launch MS Word and click on the new document to get started on creating a text file from scratch. As the blank document will open, you will find several features in the toolbar that can be altered as per the users’ preference. Whether you want to change the font typeface, style, color, or do any other modifications, MS Word will let you do so without any restriction.

It’s not necessary to use any or all of its features, as you can keep everything simple and clean. In simple words, it’s all up to you, as the software gives the freedom to its users to prepare files as they desire.

Use Online Notepad

If you are unwilling to download software on your device for preparing text files, then you don’t need to scratch your head, as the online notepad can help you do the same job. Now the question is, where to find the online notepad over the web. Honestly, it isn’t a tricky job at all because as you will search for an online notepad on Google or any other search engine, a list of platforms will appear on your screen that can be easily accessed with a single click. is one of the best web portals that is offering the online notepad service without charging a penny. Yes! There are no charges! But it doesn’t mean that all of the online tools will come for free. They might provide you with a trial version, but once the trials are over, you will have to pay for it to continue creating new text files. Hence, it’s up to you whether you want to go for a paid tool or use a free-of-cost utility.

The online notepad will allow you to start typing the text you want without even getting registered. If you want to prepare a text in limited word or character count, then this tool will help you here as well because as you type, it will keep updating the number of words and characters simultaneously. In addition, it will also provide you with the information of how many lines your text consists of. Once you are done typing text, you can download it on your device with a single click. If you are not willing to download the text file, you can use the copy to clipboard button and paste the text wherever you want without any restrictions.


Last but not least option for preparing text files is PDF. To create a PDF file, you need to get the pro version of Adobe Acrobat software. Sadly, the pro version doesn’t come for free, and you need to pay for it. This fee makes many people reluctant to use PDF for preparing textual documents. Just like other word processing software, you need to install Adobe Acrobat on your device that must be compatible with it. If you don’t get the Pro Adobe Acrobat, then you’ll be limited to its few features only, which include reading, viewing, adding signature, etc.

That’s All!

Here our blog comes to an end. Preparing a text file is no more a hectic task due to the availability of word processing software and online notepad tools. Now, the choice is yours, whether you want to install software or access a web-based utility for creating text from scratch. The downloadable applications can be accessed whenever you want without even having an internet connection. However, they might give you some trouble with the compatibility. On the other hand, the online services don’t have any complexities; all you need to do is connect your device with the internet and access a tool to start creating a text document on the go!