Most cat parents worry about their cats’ diet after listening to the myth that dried food is bad for cats. It is a baseless statement. Cats need both dry and wet foods. So, it is better to provide dry and wet foods to cats with the ratio suggested by a classified veterinarian.

According to the latest studies, dried food has many pros and cons for cats. Like most of the time, we provide dried food to cats at home. It consists of 45-50% carbohydrates. On the other hand, the latest studies show that cats naturally pick food with only 2% carbohydrates. So, you can imagine how you force your cat to intake unhealthy food. As a result, these fall prey to many diseases. A detailed discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of dry foods is given below.

Advantages of Dry Food

There is a long list of advantages of cat dry food Dubai. Some of them are explained below.

  • Natural Grazing

Cats eat multiple meals in the wild if you set them free. Similarly, if you leave dried food for them, the cats will naturally graze. On the other hand, if you provide the wet food, it will spoil very soon.

  • Dental Health

Studies prove that dry food promotes the dental health of cats. Hard kibble saves the cats from a plague. But it is recommended to regularly clean your cat’s teeth from your veterinarian.

  • Economical

A bag of dry food is much cheaper than wet food. The bag can last for a long time. So, you can say that dry food is more economical than wet food. Moreover, wet foods also demand more time to prepare.

  • Conservation

After buying the dry food from the market, you can store it for several days. The transportation of this food is also very easy. In addition, if you’re going out of the town, you can leave food in front of the cat, and there will be no danger of spoiling the food, as often seen in the case of wet foods.

Disadvantages of Dry Food

With the pros of dry food, there are also some cons. Some of them are listed below.

  • Urinary Tract Problems

If a cat eats the dry food in high quantity, it needs to drink more water. Otherwise, it will face the issue of dehydration. If dehydration remains for several days, it leads to urinary problems. These problems can be related to the kidney as well as the bladder of the cat.

  • Diabetes

Dry food has 45-50% carbohydrate content. If a cat intakes carbohydrates with this percentage for a long time, it will lead to a high sugar level in the bloodstream. Ultimately, it causes diabetes in cats.

  • Difficult to Digest and Chew

It is difficult for most cats to digest and chew dry foods compared to wet foods. Some cats also have sensitive stomachs, so it is difficult for them to digest kibble easily. It is also obvious that dry food is not good for the stomach.

  • Chronic Disease

There is less quantity of calories in low-quality dry food. If a cat eats such food for a long time, it can cause many diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure and respiratory issues.

Final Words

The best solution to counter this issue is to make a diet plan for your cat by a classified veterinarian and provide the food to the cat accordingly. In this way, the cat will intake both foods and get benefitted. Moreover, it is advised to feed natural ingredients like meat, grain-free raw, etc. After working on this plan, you will see betterment in the cat’s health.