Jagex have been talking about it for a while, but it’s finally here – the much-anticipated OSRS HD update. Anybody that has been playing this game since the early 2000s (and there are millions that have played it over the years), will love the fact that the game is being given a fresh lick of paint, while keeping that unique graphics that Old School RuneScape.

The HD Update

Jagex know that the graphics for OSRS are iconic. They knew they couldn’t change them that much. People had enough of that in RuneScape 3. They just knew that they needed to give them a bit of a sprucing up, and from what we have seen of the HD update so far, sprucing is exactly what they did. It looks like OSRS, just better.

With the HD update, OSRS will see three main changes:

  • Lighting
  • Effects
  • Textures

So, everything will look a bit prettier. For example – the water in the OSRS HD update will look a bit shinier and reflect the sun well. You’ll be surprised at how much this contributes to the atmosphere of the game.

The player characters will look a little less blocky, while retaining the real Old School RuneScape feel that everybody loves so much. You’ll even see a few updates to your armor, so you can see all the cool gear that you have bought with your OSRS gold look more fantastic than ever before.

You Can Keep the Old School RuneScape Feel – If You Want

Jagex know that many of their OSRS players are resistant to change, so they’ve made it incredibly clear that if you don’t want the HD updates, then you don’t have to. You just have to press one button and you’ll be taken into that lo-fi world once again. The new engine will make it dead-simple to switch between the looks of the game, so if you’re ever craving something a bit more high definition, then press that button once again and you’ll be pulled into that HD world.

The Launch Date for Old School RuneScape HD Edition

At the moment, there seems to be no news on the exact launch date for Old School RuneScape HD edition. However, people are currently speculating that it should come somewhere in Spring or Summer. This sounds about right, since Jagex are starting to talk more and more about the update, so it shouldn’t be too far away.

We’ll make sure to let you know exactly when the HD edition of OSRS is about to launch. 

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