The early months of 2023 were quite turbulent for Bayern Munich. Besides football, right now, you can go to to wager on great horse racing competitions too. That period had some protagonists that reached the headlines, such as:

  • Julian Nagelsmann;
  • Thomas Tuchel;
  • Leroy Sané;
  • and Sadio Mané.

Nagelsmann was fired from his role as head coach of the team after a series of internal conflicts and poor results. At 1xBet you can always wager on matches from this team too. Tuchel was brought in as his replacement.

On the 12th of April of the same year, another occurrence took place that shook the internal atmosphere of the team. It began to be reported that after a painful match against Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League, Sadio Mané punched his teammate Leroy Sané.

What really happened

There is a version of the story that most people tend to agree upon. You can use 1xBet for football betting on all kinds of occurrences that happen in this sport too. After the aforementioned match, both players exchanged a few not-so-friendly words.

Apparently, Mané didn’t like a specific remark from Sané. This resulted in the former punching the latter in his mouth, which caused him a bleeding wound. Please don’t hesitate to visit 1xBet for making football betting on all matches from the German giants too.

All kinds of consequences

The management of Bayern Munich began to run in circles after this incident. Many meetings were conducted where even the future of Sadio Mané at the German squad was discussed. It was reported that it was even considered to fire the Senegalese immediately. However, cooler heads prevailed. Football fans can bet anytime, anywhere with mobile 1xBet, which offers a great mobile application and a fantastic mobile website too.

Finally, it was decided that Mané would pay a fine and also wouldn’t be considered for the following match. It was even reported that Sané himself asked the Bayern board not to fire his teammate from the club. This was because the Senegalese player apparently apologized to Sané and the rest of his teammates immediately after the incident.

Nevertheless, this situation is another symptom that those times at the German squads were far from peaceful. At the 1xBet platform you can bet anytime, anywhere with your mobile gadget, which you can use to wager on the amazing German Bundesliga too.