Do you want to know how to increase your Instagram followers without tracking or following other people? A tried-and-true method of increasing your Instagram following would be to follow additional users in exchange for their minds. Therefore, you should not use it as your ‘Only’ method of Instagram profile growth. Instagram profiles that spam followers may be undesirable and unappealing from a follower to following proportion. It will not just influence how users view your reputation; if you’re an influencer, it may also affect your income. You can also wisely opt to buy Instagram followers to build an incredible fanbase globally. The most excellent marketing advice and Instagram tools to increase your Instagram following before even following other users are revealed in this post.

Seven Methods For Gaining Instagram Fans Without Following other Users

Here are six practical and natural strategies to increase your follower base:

  1. Plan Your Instagram Pictures And Update Them Often

Posts with quality information and that quality will attract Instagram followers. Additionally, you’ll continually gain more fans if you update frequently. True! It’s that easy. But you can’t just rip a bunch of posts together in a row. It requires a posting plan that matches your publishing frequency and time to your target followers’ Instagram engagement patterns. Go to “Publishing Settings” and select “Publishing Queues” from the list. Not sure about the best time to share on Social media? Try posting either once or twice throughout the following periods as a start:

  • 11 am to 1 pm.
  • 7 to 9 pm.
  • Wednesday, Monday, and Thursday
  1. Promote Your Instagram Account On Other Platforms

Generally, anyone may obtain free Instagram followers by utilizing a “Follow me on Instagram” CTA. By doing this, you draw focus to the Instagram profile using the material and visibility you already possess on other social media platforms. For instance, you could tweet the following request containing your Instagram account linked to a clickable page on Twitter. The long-term plan is to upload captions on video-sharing websites and offer a hyperlink to the Instagram profile in the social network biographies. Influencers with a large following, such as Marques Brownlee, frequently hyperlink to the Instagram profiles in the post descriptions. You can also try Trollishly for further promotions online.

  1. Participate In Plenty Of Other Instagram Users’ Comments

You must engage your intended audience more actively to gain more followers on Instagram. You’ll get some attention if you reply to the comments, whether they are on your picture or those of other well-known Instagram profiles. So be sure to stock up on humorous Instagram comments to have your business seem more accessible and likable. Likewise, don’t disregard your inbox for direct messages. Your most motivated prospects will most likely try to contact you there.

  1. Experiment With Fresh Content Pillars And Monitor Results

When’s the last occasion your Instagram marketing strategy was evaluated? Try alternative content pillars on Instagram when you’re unhappy with your current material’s performance. Here are a few illustrations of Instagram-level content pillars to inspire you:

  • Inspirational material, including before-and-after pictures, quotes in images, and outcomes.
  • Behind-the-scenes information: team-building exercises, lunches away from the office, etc.
  • Educational content – infographics, screenshots, video lessons, etc.
  • Which content pillars would be successful on Instagram, and how would you know?

The enjoyable part is that you don’t. You could check out what your main rivals are posting on Instagram. However, there is no assurance that they might produce the same outcomes for you.

  1. Use Influencer Advertising

It’s time to incorporate a more severe strategy if you want to increase your Instagram following quickly. Influencers can aid in spreading the word about your Instagram profile to more people. Naturally, this has a lot of advantages, like attracting followers, increasing customer engagement, and producing leads. Branded Content Features on Instagram make it simple to collaborate with influencers. You can use this to permit manual permissions for extra control and to designate influencers for tagging approvals that happen automatically. Unaware of how Instagram’s influencer marketing system operates? On Instagram, you might frequently see marketers working alongside influencers. To identify one, search for a “Paid partnership” tag.

  1. Hold A Hashtag Competition

An excellent method to encourage people to follow your profile is to offer them the opportunity to win anything worthwhile. For example, you could ask prospective Instagram fans to do one of the following in exchange: like your profile; tag their pals; leave a clever comment; or do all of the above. You don’t have to buy equipment or use outside help to organize contests. Instead, think of a prize, and contest rules, and start posting for the contest. You may find a tonne of ideas from Instagram’s hashtag competitions.


If all you do is learn about the most refined techniques, you won’t be able to gain new Instagram followers. Finding the right tool for the job and putting knowledge into practice is what you have to do. You can also work Trollishly to increase your followers in the future organically. This is indeed authorized and genuine. Try it to see how it works for you!