Poker can be a tricky game for you and might become boring or bewildering if you do not know the language and terminology of the game. Just like chess, or ludo poker has few terms that a gamer should know. For example, while playing if you do not know the meaning of ante, you would be looking at others’ faces. Thus, it is important to understand the terms related to the game.

From starting to finishing the game everything has a specific term. As a beginner, terms like all in Poker might sound tricky, but when you get into the game, gradually you will understand. Some of the major terms you will come across are:

Here we are Understanding The Language of Poker-All Poker terminology

  1. Action: it is said when the other player forgets their turn, or you can simply say this when you want to drop a reminder for the next player.  
  • Ante: it is the small portion of the amount you get at the start of the game to commence the game. If you do not get ante you will have to play blind to get the money.
  • All-in: if someone has put all money in one bet and has nothing for the next, then people say “all in poker” which signifies the player has put their all money in one bet.
  • Bad Beat: if you have a bad poker hand but by luck, you win the bet then it is called a bad beat. When you somehow manage to win only through luck, the players would simply call it a bad beat.
  • Blind: a bet which is placed in the first place and there is no foundation for making that bet. In simple words when you make a bet without any prior bet or any comprehension.
  • Bluff: when you pretend to have the weakest hand just to know the opponent’s strongest card, is a bluff. Bluff is the actual basis of poker. You will hear this word countless times while playing poker.
  • Burn: when you discard the top card from the deck, face down. This is done between each betting round before putting out the next community cards.
  • Cold Call: it is more than one bet in a single action. This is different from calling a single bet and then calling a subsequent raise.
  • Community cards: it is the deck opened at the centre table which is common for all. It is also known as board cards.
  1. Complete hand: it is said when someone gets lucky enough to have a straight flush, royal flush, full house, etc.

The Bottom Line

Poker has an extensive dictionary and mugging up the terms would confuse you. It is always better to understand the rules and terms of the game while playing it. To understand the game better, Understanding The Language of Poker-All Poker terminology is important. To get a better idea of poker you can play it on the Pocket52 app.