The Unicode standard is an encoding platform, published by the Unicode consortium. It t translates every written number, symbol, character, or emoji into different world writing systems. It encodes every written character, no matter what the language is and no matter what the device or application is. It is adopted by almost every software provider. It provides the compatibility of transferring the data without corruption. This topic is about version 7.0 of the Unicode Standard. Version 7.0 is the major version and was an important release of the Unicode Standard.

The Unicode version 7.0 was released in June 2014. This version of the Unicode standard adds a total of 2834 characters out of which 23 were new scripts, many symbols, and new characters. Significant additions in the character set include the new currency symbols: the ruble which is used in Russia and many other countries, and the manat which is used in Azerbaijan. Many symbols including geometric symbols, emoji symbols, ornaments, arrows, web dings, and wingdings set. And 23 new scripts for languages of China, India, or many other Asian countries, North America, and Africa. And the inclusion of letters used in Teuthonista. It also includes a new notational set of Duployn.

Some of the important updates in the Unicode version 7.0 are as follows:

  • It features a new page size tailored for easy viewing for mobiles and e-readers.
  • It features a new significant reorganization of chapters.
  • It has some alignment with updates to the Unicode Bidirectional algorithm.
  • It features improved clarity and further classification of Numeric types.
  • The addition of a new 3000 Cantonese pronunciation mark has been made in this version.
  • There are significant updates to the Unihan Database.
  • Major improvements to the Indic scripts properties were also added in this version of the Unicode Standard.

The Unicode version 7.0 contains a total of 112,956 characters. 110,187 characters were existing in this list of the total. And 2834 characters are a new addition to this version. The new 2834 characters consisted of 250 new emoji characters with new scripts. This version of the Unicode standard was also synchronized with the latest version of ISO/IEC. Version 7.0 also adds the inclusion of the U+20BD Ruble sign.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Unicode Version 7

Advantages and Disadvantages of Unicode version 7.0

There are advantages and disadvantages to everything. Just like that, this version of the Unicode standard also comes up with some advantages with slight disadvantages. Following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this version:

The one disadvantage of this version is the addition of scripts. It only adds 23 scripts in total. But this version is full of advantages. It adds a total of 112,956 characters. 2834 characters are newly added in this version. It has significant addition in scripts including Ruble and Manat. This version is added with a lot of updates and changes over its previous version. Moreover, there are significant updates to the Unihan database. For easy viewing, there is a new page size tailored made in this version. It also includes the publication of the U+20BD ruble sign.

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